Posted by: monspirations | December 23, 2012

We’re Finally Back!!!!


We’re finally back guys. Where have we been? Good question but you wish the answer was short.

Me and Dody (now 4 1/2 years old) have been quite busy but I haven’t been blogging since I didn’t feel that I had something of value to add. Therefore, I decided to study the Montessori method properly and so I joined The Early Childhood Course at Montessori Centre International (MCI) here in London.

How’s Dody now? He’s now a big brother who loves his lil baby bro and is learning how to handle him gently and whose reading skills are quite advanced considering his young age, and just a couple of days he surprised me with his interest in writing and even wrote his own name and wrote me a message saying “I Love you 1000”. I’m still amazed as I’ve never taught him how to write!!!

However, I wish I could say all is great. In fact, Dody suffered a bit during my year of study as I was constantly busy with my coursework, in addition to me being pregnant then, which also affected the quality of our playtime as I was uncomfortable with running and jumping around.

As a result, my son resorted to using the laptop and iPhone to entertain him which saddened me a lot. After my graduation and moving to a new house which I prepared for him especially to meet his needs, I was shocked and disappointed with his attachment to digital media to the extent that he would work with the activities I prepare for him for a short period of time and would hardly visit them twice and runs to play on the computer. This really devastated me as I know this is not a normal path of development as by nature, children love to move and work and be attached to what is real and beneficial to his development.

To cut the long story short, Finally my son is just starting to come back to normal and I’m starting to see his needs and try to meet them. I will keep you posted with what we’re up to 🙂


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