Posted by: monspirations | February 17, 2013

Out in the sun

Now that the sun is shining again after a period of snow, we started to get out to the back garden. Last time I’ve been out there I believe was back in September before the birth of baby Hima.

20130217-082348 PM.jpg

I’ve been waiting for the sun to come up so I can start presenting the Sun Game to Doody. The sun game is of great importance since it enforces the concept of interdependence of all living things on the sun.

At first we experimented with 2 plants, one kept on a windowsill and one away from any contact with the sun and observed how the sun-deprived plants started to die.

20130219-091036 PM.jpg

We then laid the sun and around it the plant cards and talked about how all these plants would not exist without the sun.

20130219-091213 PM.jpg

We then laid Herbivore animals picture cards in an outer layer around the sun and plant cards and discussed that all these animals have one thing in common, they eat plants only. So if there is no sun there will be no plants and therefore, no herbivores. We did the same with Carnivore picture Cards.

If you would like to use a copy of my sun game cards, you can contact me and I will send it to your inbox.


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